Biological Agriculture

Incanto del fiume is a farmhouse that extends over 40 hectares, all cultivated with love and passion.


We are a certified organic BIOS Farm, and we produce oil, honey, wine, various cereals, legumes and vegetables of all types according to an eco-compatible and ethical method in respect of plants and nature.

Campi e Querce

As a passion we apply the principles of Biodynamic agriculture, based on soil care, understood as a “living organ” without the use of mineral fertilizers, plant protection products or any other synthesis product, enhancing the development of soil life and the natural equilibrium of the ecosystem through the use of natural preparations derived from the earth itself.

This method, in addition to being more practical, economical, and devoid of chemical residues on products and on the ground, is also very educational and moral for the whole society, especially in times like these, where the value of nature and earth as treasures to preserve , seem to be forgotten!
The land of this area, rich in clay and humus, favored by seaweeds loaded with salt, gives the cultivated products unique and unavailable flavors !!

Tuscan Wine from Biological Agriculture


From our vineyards of Sangiovese and Vermentino white grapes we produce well-structured wines, very aromatic and with characteristic hints given by the properties of the land on which they are lovingly cultivated.

Tuscan Olive Oil for Organic Agriculture


Our extra virgin olive oil with low acidity and original scents, derived from many varieties of olives such as crusher, pepper, lecithin and morainol, harvested entirely by hand, extracted with cold squeezing, no more than 24 hours after collection :

Tuscan honey from organic agriculture


From our honey bee, we produce organic and wholemeal millefiori honey, which we serve to the agriturismo’s guests for breakfast, sweets or delicious hors d’oeuvres with cheese.


This passion for the land and its fruits is closely linked to a cuisine based on sustainability, seasonality, quality and ancient Tuscan culinary traditions.

One of our attentions is to provide “taste experiences” with seasonal, genuine products, which bring to Tradition.