When you are in a comfortable place often comes the desire to share it with others.

The Charm of the river surrounded by the silence of nature, with its trails that mark the path between fields, vineyards and ulivete, its large spaces between the fields and in the shade of majestic oak gives the opportunity to carry out group activities outdoors or indoors in a wide 50 meters from the farmhouse room, guarded by an olive tree and equipped with a comfortable parquet floor, heating, bathroom and stereo.

Contact with ourselves is more easily found in nature, with the group’s energy through holistic activities such as meditation, inner or martial arts courses, qi gong, dancing and everything in self-respect, the group and the place can give catering also to the Soul, and why not between laughter, jokes, dips, appetizers by the pool and delicious dinners.
The owner and staff will be happy to meet your needs so that your trip to the charm of the river is also a journey into yourself.


Exploring the area

The Charm of the River is a small lovely hotel located in the lush nature, colorful, relaxing for the eyes and for the soul; the ideal place for those who want to get out of bed and find themselves walking a few steps in between ulivete intriguing trails, vineyards and fields of the property. It ‘also the place for those who want to travel by car or for more trained with the bike and discover the wonders of the area where it is located.
At a few km from the center of Pomarance where you can find some little shops, bars, pharmacy, post office and everything you need, the farm is located in the Alta Val di Cecina, in a land, Tuscany, where nature, art , sports, hot springs, small charming villages and majestic city of art coexist giving holidays that meet the most varied interests.

“For children and all the family”, we point out the playgrounds:

-There is a small play area and a soccer field in Pomarance

-The didactic farm, (especially for children), in Pomarance

-The Suspended Garden – Adventure Park 37 km from the Incanto del Fiume (for children, adults and teens)

-The Cavallino Matto, amusement park 56km from the Incanto del Fiume (for children, adults and boys)

-Guided tours in Volterra also in English
-Horse riding: Santa Barbara Municipal Horse Riding Center, 5 km from the Incanto del Fiume.
-Hire: Bicycles and Scooters (please order)
-Sports: racing, trekking, sports climbing, diving, cycling, rally and surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, sup, catamaran (http://spot1.it/)

For lovers of nature and trekking:

Two kilometers from ‘Farm is the Berignone-Tatti Natural Reserve forest in which is located the swimming river Cecina.

The forest complex Berignone-Tatti is always a synonym for thickets endless and intricate spots populated by a rich fauna and ff erenziata, the hard work of woodcutters and charcoal burners, a natural environment, that is rude, wild, untouched.


Rocca Sillana (Pomarance)

A 40 km from the farm began the charming Etruscan Coast where the sea Blue Flags awarded by the European Union together with the coastal towns for the quality of water and services, wet continuously for 90 km this land.

The mighty fortress Sillana perched on a rocky hill 530 meters above sea level in a position to dominate a vast territory comprising the provinces of Siena, Pisa and Grosseto.
The Macchia della Magona (36 km 40 min from Pomarance) It consists of beautiful forests that stretch for over 1635 hectares, classi fi ed habitat by the National Research Council, made up of the typical Mediterranean vegetation from fi fragrant gold and numerous fungi of different species.


Cave of the Wind (163 km 2 hours and 20 min from Pomarance)

Cave of the Winds is located in northern Tuscany, in Garfagnana, the center of the Apuan Alps, in an area full of spectacular as interesting karst phenomena. Immersed in this evocative setting, the Wind Cave presents an exceptional variety of aspects of karst underground ranging from stalactites and stalagmites lives and brilliant, in lakes, rivers, forms of erosion, mud formations and fi not perfectly vertical wells that can be visited with comfortable paths.

Those who visit the cave during the summer, when you open the security door, remains amazed by the violence of the wind that comes from the bowels of the mountain. II lasts little uncomfortable because as soon as the guide closes the door, the air flow ceases abruptly, and with it the cold sensation.


For lovers of spa relaxation:


Bagni di Petriolo (72 km 78 min from Pomarance)

natural pools of thermal waters where you can dive in peace surrounded by beautiful nature.

For the “Science and Nature” lovers:

Geothermal area of ​​Larderello (10 km from Pomarance)

Its ‘can see the steam given off by geysers out of the land; steam that is channeled from power plants to produce geothermal energy, a renewable source with a low environmental impact.
Here it is also the Geothermal Museum which attracts 60 thousand visitors a year.

Mining Museum – Montecatini Val di Cecina ( 23km 30 min from Pomarance)

The Caporciano Mine is a copper mine with historical origins. It is located about one kilometer from the town of Montecatini Val di Cecina and has been active from the Etruscan period until the beginning of 1900, with some interruptions.


Fumaroles of Sasso Pisano (16 km 20 min from Pomarance)

This is an area affected by countless geothermal phenomena that presents a barren landscape, wild landscapes and beautiful and where the vegetation gave way to steam jets, bubbling pools, hot water springs and rocks with unusual colors.

For sea lovers:

A 40 km from the farm began the charming Etruscan Coast where the sea Blue Flags awarded by the European Union together with the coastal towns for the quality of water and services, wet continuously for 90 km this land.

The hermit (150 km 120 min from Pomarance)

Overlooking the stretch of sea coast particularly striking, tentatively known as The Romito, where there are emerging signs of ancient lookout stations (the Tower of Calafuria and Castello Sonnino.)

Il Romito
Buca Delle Fate

Buca fairy (84 km 1h22min from Pomarance)

Walking through a fi t forest characterized by the presence of Etruscan tombs scattered in the rock there is a ff accia on a stretch of magni fi c coast where the blue sea and the natural vegetation give an unforgettable landscape.

Cala Violina (75 km 1h25min from Pomarance)

Picturesque cove of the Maremma which opens in the heart of the nature reserve of Banish Scarlino. The cove, not very wide, is enclosed between two headlands and is characterized by white sand and a very transparent sea. The feature that makes it unique is the sounds that the beach makes when you trampled by those who through it, in the absence of significant sources of noise. (E ff ect perceptible in the low season)

Cala Violina

Castiglioncello (52 km 57 min from Pomarance)

Located in a privileged position from the panoramic point of view. Always haunt culture combined with relaxation and enjoyment, Castiglioncello has become famous in the sixties of last century as a holiday destination of important figures in the world of cinema, like Marcello Mastroianni and Alberto Sordi.


Golfo di Baratti (40 km 51 min from Pomarance)

The Gulf takes its name from the town of Baratti, located at the southern end, near which there are mounds of Etruscan its immediate hinterland of the gulf.
The cove is characterized by a sandy coastline, the depths are low, while the beach is characterized by golden and amber colors. In some parts behind the gulf grows a pine forest, characterized by the presence of sea and pine trees.

Golfo di Baratti

For sports lovers:

The Welfare of physical body along with that of the spirit, the heart, the sight and the palate is a priority that sports do not forget on vacation and places in the area do not certainly miss the most dynamic l ‘ opportunity to indulge in various kinds of sports activities.
Horse riding and horseback riding immersed in the beautiful surrounding nature (just 4 km from the farm to find the equestrian center Santa Barbara);
The Etruscan coast gives you the opportunity to practice many sports: surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, sup, catamaran sailing and diving;
Cycling both amateur and professional level; 
Rally (every year numerous lovers of the rally populate Pomarance to compete on routes such as the Valley Trossa 10.510 km long)

For art lovers:


Volterra (22 km 28 min from Pomarance)

Historic city, famous for the extraction and processing of alabaster, has a picturesque old town of Etruscan origin with Roman ruins and medieval build.
Volterra also home to several museums: ilMuseo Etruscan, the Civic Art Gallery, the Museum of Sacred Art and the Ecomuseum of Alabaster.

Abbey of San Galgano (46 km 65 min from Pomarance)

Cistercian abbey feature for the lack of the roof is also known by the sword in fi xed in the rock: the story goes that in 1180 Galgano, the culminating moment of conversion, in fi xed into the ground to turn the weapon in a cross.

Abbazia di San Galgano

Bolgheri (40 km 51 min from Pomarance)

The quaint village has developed around the medieval castle that sits on a small hill reached by the impressive Cypress Avenue ,: the place was made famous by the verses of Carducci in his poem In front of San Guido (1874).

Campiglia Marittima (73 km 65 min from Pomarance)

One of the most beautiful historic towns of the Costa degli Etruschi sits on a hill dominating the sea and the surrounding countryside.

Campiglia Marittima
Castagneto Carducci

Castagneto Carducci (61 km 60 min from Pomarance)

Picturesque village in the heart of Maremma Livorno where you can visit the home of the poet Joshua Carducci, one of the protagonists of the Italian eighteen.

Lucca (118 km 1h28min from Pomarance)

Famous for its historical monuments and characterized by walls which are the largest example in Europe of walls built according to the principles of strong fi cation to modern to have survived completely intact in a big city.


Florence (94 km 1h40min from Pomarance)

Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, with its museums, palaces and churches, houses some of the most important artistic treasures of the world.

Massa marittima (41 km 49 min from Pomarance)

Set on a panoramic hill, the historic center of Massa Marittima, surrounded by a well-preserved city walls, is one of the most important Tuscan architectural and urban complexes


Monteriggioni (52 km 60 min from Pomarance)

Monteriggioni occupies the top of a gentle hill from the slopes cultivated with vineyards and olive trees. The castle was founded in the second decade of the thirteenth century by the Republic of Siena Monteriggioni still retains much of the thirteenth century structures and con fi gure as an absolutely unique place in the panorama of medieval towns in Tuscany.

Populonia (82 km 122 min from Pomarance)

Etruscan city, one of the most important centers of the ancient world for processing and trade of iron. Sitting atop a hill surrounded by the sea, this village has a charm.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano (51 km 60 min from Pomarance)

Etruscan city a UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage, appreciated for its characteristic medieval architecture of its historic center and its impressive towers.

Mostly intact in appearance two-fourteenth century, it is one of the best examples in Europe of urban organization of the communal age. In addition to the Cathedral and City Council building houses various churches and museums.

Querceto o Castello di Querceto (26 km 34 min da Pomarance)

Situated on a hilly outcrop overlooking the valley of Cecina is a romantic and charming village that is worth visiting.


Siena (72 km 76 min from Pomarance)

Universally known for its enormous historic, artistic, landscape, for its substantial unity of style furnishing medieval street and the famous Palio.

In 1995 its historic center was awarded by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Suvereto (45 km 60 min from Pomarance)

It is a member of City of Wine and the circuit of the most beautiful towns in Italy. The name comes from the Latin suber, “cork”, so Suvereto is the “cork forest.”


Pisa (95km 1h23min from Pomarance)

Its characteristic leaning tower, the most famous monument in the world, along with the cathedral and the baptistry is part of a complex of works that the poet D’Annunzio called “Miracles”, hence the name Square of Miracles for the place that houses .

Cathedral Square is since 1987 included in the UNESCO world heritage list, ie the list of cultural and natural sites that make up the World Heritage Site.

For esoteric:

Istituto Osho Miasto (59 min 46 km from Pomarance)

The biggest Osho center in Italy, located far from the cities, in unspoiled nature – is an Institute for Meditation and Spiritual Growth open to members of the CO.N.A.C.R.E.I.S.

Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa –Pomaia (59min 54 km from Pomarance)

One of the main Buddhist monasteries in Italy.

Garden tarot (70 km 80 min)

The Tarot Garden is an artistic park conceived by the French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle, populated with statues inspired by the fi gure of the major arcana of the Tarot.