When you are in a comfortable place often comes the desire to share it with others.
The Charm of the river surrounded by the silence of nature, with its trails that mark the path between fields, vineyards and ulivete, its large spaces between the fields and in the shade of majestic oak gives the opportunity to carry out group activities outdoors or indoors in a wide 50 meters from the farmhouse room, guarded by an olive tree and equipped with a comfortable parquet floor, heating, bathroom and stereo.


Contact with ourselves is more easily found in nature, with the group’s energy through holistic activities such as meditation, inner or martial arts courses, qi gong, dancing and everything in self-respect, the group and the place can give catering also to the Soul, and why not between laughter, jokes, dips, appetizers by the pool and delicious dinners.
The owner and staff will be happy to meet your needs so that your trip to the charm of the river is also a journey into yourself.