The farmhouse Incanto del fiume

Organic farmhouse in the Val di Cecina

“The philosophy of the place”


There are places that are gifts given to us by the earth for relaxation, to indulge ourselves, to sustain us, to enjoy, to find ourselves again and people we care about, to remind us that we are never alone when we are in harmony with the universe.
Places where it isn’t a red carpet that has been rolled out beneath our feet but soil and pebbles that remind us of the joy of walking barefoot as children, muddy but happy.
Places where you are greeted not with a fanfare of trumpets but with the gentle sounds of the breeze and the wild life that inhabit the surrounding nature: upupas, jays, curlews that accompany your repose and wild boar, deer, chickens, a dog and a cat … to brighten the view.
Among the sensual Tuscan hills, deep in the countryside of the Cecina valley, 20 minutes from the Etruscan town of Volterra, 45 minutes from San Gimignano, 1 hour from Siena and 1 h 40 min from the infinite sea of ​​the Etruscan coast, just a few kilometres from an enchanting unspoiled river in the Berignone Natural Reserve, this place for the soul exists, a small first-rate agriturismo where it is not important what you wear but how much joy you can find in your heart.

The love that reigns in the hearts of the owners and the staff who welcome you will be transmitted to you throughout your stay, they will nourish you with their smiles and their service. The produce of their fields cultivated with a masterly respect for the land which provides, cooked by their skilled hands will allow you to enjoy exquisite and genuine tastes and flavours.
Simple and authentic.
Just like l’Incanto del Fiume (the charm of the river), an organic agriturismo in the Cecina Valley, a simple charming farmhouse experience where you can have fun, relax, discover, play sports, visit and re-discover Nature around and within yourself, alone or with the ones you love, in summer or winter … so the holiday itself gives you something to take home, not merely objects but above all values that sometimes get set aside in frenetic daily life.
All year round, summer or winter … we are here !!